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Gotta Launder Your Prana

Launder Your Prana

I have been graced with the family presence and friendship of amazingly powerful healers, who’s soul magnetism has the ability to turn you into a disciple! It is such a blessing to have these beautiful people in my life. And of course my love for them is deeply rooted like no other, though, at times I find myself dancing on the edge of a skinny branch in an effort to receive their natural silent magnetic vibrations.  Of these pure souls I’ve been told that, much like them, I possess healing abilities. An inclination I would have never though possible. It wasn’t until I began to reflect on my past ailments did it dawn on me. I succeeded in healing my thoughts and 95% of my lower lumbar degenerated disk, an otherwise crippling condition,  all in one year. My powerful healers where right on the reading! While it took a bit of laundering to get here, I definitely championed healing of thy self. Here’s my brief story…

Good Night Sleepy Head

Good Night Sleepy Head

I am a first generation American from a strong and passionate family line of Caribs from the Dominican Republic. My grandmother, the most resilient women I know, made way to the land of opportunity with six children under her belt. My family owe’s it to this amazing women who courageously and powerfully extended her family line here in the United States. Happy and excited for the “new way of living”, she landed in the states and with haste bore another four babys. Busy women let me tell ya! An amazing cook and caretaker as both mother and father to her children and grandchildren, she did whatever it took to provide us with shelter and food. The only mishap her is that the food she afforded was not even in the slightest bit nutritious. Far from natural like the home grown produce in the Dominican Republic. My mother, naturally thin, and quite possibly mal nourished due to poor food choices, beautiful in her teenage/adult years (and now gorgeous in her current years), later married my father and created me, a 10lb 2oz baby girl! Oh my family couldn’t get enough of me. Often tossing me around like a cabbage patch doll. As colorful, happy and passionate as they were, and still are, they thought it was “cute” and “normal” for me to be as heavy as I was. And boy did that cause a lot of strain and trauma to my mind, body and soul. There was nothing for me to do but forgive them.

My teenage years were tough. I maxed 215lbs at the age of 12. Not so cute anymore, huh fam? Something had to be done. I was an obese child. My future was looking grim and miserable. At this point sports were my way out! Throughout Jr High and High School I played basketball and lost a lot of baby fat! This was a BIG deal for me. It was great! I was no longer obese, just overweight. At the age of 17 I reached my thinnest, however, unhealthy and in an abusive relationship, it was “ok” as long as I was getting thinner.  I was in a tantalizing and drawn out emotional roller coaster until finally I knew what served my happiness. I had to launder my prana. That meant, washing away at least 90% of my ingrained eating habits. It meant educating myself about the importance of nutrient dense foods. It meant, getting clear about what it means to be happy, to be loving of oneself, to be honest, open, authentic and responsible.

My family is filled with healers and soul magnetizing beings. It is in my blood to be a healer. If I owe it to anyone, it would be to my family, my grandmother. SHE was, and still is, the game changer. As a recovering Cancer survivor she is still running the show like a boss! Now, as one of her healthy, vibrant and living grand daughters, I will follow in her courageous and powerful footsteps. Leading, as she did, for the kids and grandchildren of the world. Here I begin my journey through healing energy, spirits, food, LOTS of dance, music and abundance of LOVE!

Welcome to Adriana’s Healthy Secrets – The Healthy Flow of Living ^.^