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Health and Wealth Coaching That Will Give You FREEDOM!

I ham a HUGE fan of Susan Sly and her organizational techniques. She has a great tool called the “My Power Life Planner” that is an action step guid to attracting great abundance, better relationships, money, quality experiences and whatever else you desire in your life. One of the power sections of the planner emphasises the importance of creating a clearing for #success. When your life is full of internal and external clutter, energy stagnates. If you create space for #abundance to flow – abundance WILL flow. It’s a general law. So Susan listed a few things we can begin clearing. Start clearing the following and observe how your life will easily and quickly transform!

1. Donate clothes to charity.
2. Clean out briefcase, handbag, desk, social media- unsubscribe to solicitation emails, update social media profiles, delete non-active friends.
3. Clear out closets, storage, garage, files
4. Organize office.
5. Open additional bank accounts
6. Release/consolidate bad debt.
7. Book a physical, annual check-up, teeth cleaning or dental appointment.
8. Purge old business materials that are out of date.
9. Tidy up ‘junk’ drawer in your kitchen.
10. Collect loose change around the house and donate it to a favorite cause or use it to pay bills.

I began organizing my thoughts to open up new possibilities for the new year a few weeks earlier this month, and using Susan’s Power Life Plan was a great way to help me get started. However, I noticed there was one key component missing to the clearing and that is clearing your body of toxins.

We are exposed to harmful substances all the time. Thankfully, our body is a magical organism that has a system for everything! We have a system of enzymes throughout the body that are continuously breaking these toxins down and flushing them out.

I follow a cleanse program that works by optimizing our enzyme system. It involves eating whole super foods that are packed with nutrients believed to boost the activity of the enzymes and nourish the bodies most important detoxifying organs- the liver, lungs kidneys and colon so they can do their jobs better and more efficiently. ALL my health coaching clients swear by it and apparently Yahoo! data reveals it to be one of their top detoxing cleanses for 2014. SHAPE magazine published an article about it. Take a look here. I’ll give you a hint, the cleanse program I use and recommend to all of my clients is number 10 😉

Would it be ok if you started your home and body clearing with a real solution that works this year? Let me show you how! Contact me now at 914-357-5318 for a complimentary one hour health coaching session on nutrition, home and business clearing for the new year.


Greatest Enemy is Distraction- 3 Approaches to Change


God, change the things I can change. Accept the things I can’t change. Give me the wisdom to be able to see the difference in the two.

I get really intrigued when people say, all you have to do in order to change is just do it! While I strongly believe that action is required for change, it can be a very difficult feat. I have noticed that people who try to take on a new habit they’ve never experienced, doing so is actually a complex issue. I think it is important to understand why change does not occur. I have been studying a lot of Wyatt Woodsmall, President of Advanced Behavioral Modeling, Inc., teachings and in one of his lectures he mentions the four enemies of change. They are the following:

1) “Chance to” change, which means the system that a person is under does not allow change.

2) “Want to” change. One must have the willingness to change. If there is no motivation, there is no change.

3) “How to” change, which means they lack the training. We don’t know what to do or how to do it.

4) “Able to” change, which simply means we are unable to do it.


So now, the question is, what are the magical three approaches to facilitate change? First and foremost, lets be clear, the greatest enemy is distraction. In order to evolve and go to the next level you need to figure out where you are wasting your time, and re-purpose that time, so…

1) STOP WAISTING TIME ON DISTRACTIONS!! It is super critical to focus. We often think that the more options, the more possibilities, the better off we are. This is not the case. People get caught up in the alternatives and are distracted from the most important possibility.

2) One of the fastest ways to accomplish behavior change is to find a master/mentor/coach and say, “I am facing this challenge. Will you help me figure this out? Learn the way an expert does something, then duplicate that through the system. This is called “modeling.

3) Learn to align the head and the heart. Woodsmall describes this as the *Parts Alignment: He says, “There is something we want to do, and we are capable of doing it… yet we don’t do it. We don’t do it because a part of us wants to do it, while the other parts don’t. The parts that don’t want to do it is the part that is most in charge”.


More on Parts Alignment in my next post. I use a very easy circle of life wheel that discovers the parts of are missing, and how to infuse joy and satisfaction into your life.

Until next time love.

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